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OISOI (ƆI-S-ƆI) noun. portmanteau of Oriental and Soy Sauce



“Soy Sauce” can be traced back 2,200 years ago in China. In the ancient times, soy causes is only used in the imperial palace by using marinated and fermented animal meat and creating stagnant water as the imperial cooking spice, named “Jiang You”. The recipe eventually leaked out to the people, and then transformed by changing the main ingredients to Soy Beans and Flour.


From a scientific point of view, there are two main fermentation techniques are used to make soy sauce nowadays.


One is the traditional Low Salt Solidarity Fermentation method. And the other is the Rich Salt Liquefied Fermentation method. The latter method also differs from Canton areas in China and Japan as this method has far more significant advantages compare to the traditional Low Salt Solidarity Fermentation method. The Soy Sauce is much more fragrant with full of aroma fresh tastes and contains much more vital nutrition.


OISOI embraces true artisan spirits as it is our belief to live our life with a meaningful lifestyle. Being artisan is much more than just 'hand-made', it involves an extension of the elements. 


To us, true artisan spirit and artisan food involves Culture & Tradition, Inheritance & Passion. Through visiting and working with numbers of artisan food maker across Asia, we commonly found that it is the purest emotions and love of devoting and dedicating their lifetime and skill into make things from their inner spirit and mind.

Being artisan is also Interactive and Educative. It brings people and relationships ever more closer. Meaning, for every bit of artisan food that we enjoy, there will certainly be a inspirational story to tell as well.

Our founders and team has travelled and visited many world renowned True Artisan Food Makers in across the whole of Asia.


By collaborating with them, we strive to create a truly unique and special OISOI experiences of modern oriental cuisine.

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