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Mr Wang first came to the UK in 1999 as an international student. He studied and worked in the hospitality industry during his university years.

In 2009, Mr Wang started his career in a traditional oriental cash & carry business in the UK and managed to grew it 22 times bigger in 5 years compare to the original scale of the business as a start up entrepreneur.

In late 2014, Mr Wang decided to completely change his career. He then visited 11 different countries and numbers of branded food stores. The store that inspired him the most is the one and only Eataly branded stores that he truly regards and looks up to. He then decided and founded OISOI brand in 2015 and opened the first OISOI branded store in Sheffield the same year.


OISOI Head Chef - Since 2015.

Chef Hao came through a 3 generations culinary family in Macau where his grand farther and farther are all well regarded Cantonese chefs in the city.

He started being a trainee chef when he was only 16 years old and now he becomes a senior head chef that owns nearly 30 years of authentic Cantonese cooking experiences.

Chef Hao worked in several 5 Star Casino Hotels in Macau as Head Chefs serving guests from all over the world.

“First and foremost, Attitude matters the most”. These are the words Chef Hao believes and executed thoroughly in the kitchen.

He embraces traditional techniques and also proactively adapting modern cooking philosophies.


Chef Hao creates new combinations of dish ingredients selection, to the style and materials of garnishes, then the cutlery and crockery that OISOI use. He involves with every steps of
designing and creating our menu.




OISOI Head Chef - Since 2015.

Originally from the beautiful Penang, Malayisa, brought up by abundant culture and diversified cuisines. Chef Wayson certainly has the most sanguine character in the OISOI family.

He creates his own secret recipes of blending and making our very best South East Asian curries with over 15 different kind of herbs and ingredients.

His childhood memories especially 'Family' traditional culture beliefs has the deepest influence to his culinary skills. 

“My grandmother cooks the best curry. It brings the whole family to the table when she cooks.


And it’s what lives in my soul when I taste and cook. It reminds me my childhood when I went to the morning markets hand in hand with my grandmother. Colours are everywhere with various scents from the freshest ingredients". 


OISOI Dim Sum Chef - Since 2017

Chef Yu also came from a 3 generation Dim Sum chef family from Hong Kong island.

He learned all the techniques from his father who is currently 75 years old and still works as a master dim sum chef in Hong Kong.

Like Farther - Like Son. Chef Yu himself has also been working as a Dim Sum master chef for over 25 years now. 

He has got such a pair of soft hands and folds the dim sums as a a true inspirational artisan.

We nicknamed him - The “Master Mind” as there are hundreds of different styles and types of Dim Sum dishes and each dish has its own ways of preparations and making techniques to practice and to remember in a busy and live cooking environment. 

To memorise all of these knowledge and techniques requires years of patient practice to master of it all. 



OISOI Sichuan Cuisine Head Chef - Since 2019.

Chef Shang has been a Sichuan Cuisine Chef over 16 years. In our team we nicknamed him as “Mr Kind” due to his healing sense of humour and modest personal character.

This doesn’t change his enthusiasm in creating authentic Sichuan dishes. He is just meticulous when selecting ingredients and preparations to produce his own very best Sichuan Cuisine.

"The Sichuan cuisine becomes very popular nowadays even in the west. But the character of the cuisine could be a 'bomb' to their taste bud and sometimes could even upset their stomachs. 

I created my own ways of cooking traditional Sichuan dishes by not loosing the flavour but also be acceptable to our mainstream customers".

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